A Film by Florian Forsch
Germany 2023 / HD / Colour / 90 Min. / German


The inconspicuous clerk OLIVER takes touching care of his sister, who suffers incurably from a nervous disease. Suddenly there is new hope. A renowned professor offers Jenny a place in his study for a promising new drug. But the euphoria does not last long. Jenny is plagued by severe side effects and Oliver finds evidence that the doctor in the study is manipulating and cheating. No one but Oliver wants to know about it. Oliver does everything he can to expose the professor in order to force an end to the study. He finds a group of pharma-critical activists who are willing to help him. Fearless idealists who think way outside the box. With them, Oliver is able to stand up to the professor. And suddenly he finds himself in a fascinating parallel world. At breakneck speed, his life changes and he threatens to lose his mind. To save himself, he must find a way to face his own guilt. – VERUM is a drama from the world of parascience.



Director: Florian Forsch
Script: Florian Forsch

TV Commissioner
Andrea Hanke (WDR)




Co-production with WDR