Future is a lonley place


A Film by Martin Hawie und Laura Harwarth
Length: 90 Min.


Frank (Lucas Gregorowicz), who has not been harmed so far, raids a money transporter and then faces the police. In prison he meets the unscrupulous and suspicious Lebanese Fuad (Denis Moschitto), who is protected by his clan. Frank gets involved in the drug business in the prison and gets caught between the two rival groups of German and Arab-born inmates. Frank only builds a relationship to the guard Susanna (Katharina Schüttler) – not knowing that Susanna is part of Fuad’s business and has a sexual relationship with him.
What only Frank knows: his wife Maren and daughter died in a car accident. Fuad was the driver of the car and committed an escape that remained unpunished. Frank seeks for revenge.

Future is a lonley place to be


Director: Martin Hawie, Laura Harwarth
Script: Laura Harwarth, Martin Hawie
DOP: Mathias Prause
Production Design: Pierre Pfundt
Costume: Elena Wegner
Make Up: Carina Grallert
Casting: Emrah Ertem
Sound: Michael Arendt
Musik: Gregor Kleienburg
Unit Production Manager: Dominik Strohbeck

TV Commissioner
Christian Cloos (ZDF – Das Kleine Fernsehspiel

Future is a lonley place to be


Lucas Gregorowicz
Katharina Schüttler
Denis Moschitto
Ronald Kukulies
Slavko Popadic
Vedat Erincin
Daniel Wiemer
Zejhun Demirov
Daniel Drewes
Karoline Bär
Billey Demirov

In Co-Production with ZDF/Das Kleine Fernsehspiel
Script founded by Film- und Mediastiftung NRW
Production founded by Film- und Mediastiftung NRW and DFFF.

German Distributor: Der Filmverleih 
World Sales: Patra Spanou Film Marketing